Assorted stones -
  • Assorted stones -
  • Assorted stones -

Assorted stones -

Amethyst, Golden tiger eye, Brazilian hematite, blue lace Agate, labradorite, peach aragonite, zoisite, carnelian.

direct message me for which ones are still available

selling 3 to a necklace

1) Amethyst- Tumbled amethyst, with a natural purplish color. (These appear to be tiny amethyst root crystals that were tumbled for a shiny, smooth surface.)

2) Golden tigereye- Shimmery golden brown tigereye.

3) Brazilian hematite- Most modern hematite beads and pendants are man-made, but my supplier has assured me that these are natural, earth mined hematite stones from Brazil.

4) Blue
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